The North Fork of the Tongue is closed but will be opened in a few more weeks depending on how fast the snow melts. The majority of the mountain over 7,000 feet is closed due to snow covered roads.

The lower levels of the mountain are open and fishing is good. Tongue Canyon has been fishing good for about a month now and is definitely ready for fishermen to get out and have some fun. Clear Creek down by Buffalo is also open and ready to be fished. Lake DeSmet has been open for a few weeks and fishermen are already having a great time out on the water. Healy and the Guards are also open for fishing.

The hatches that are occurring in the canyons currently are Beatis (BWO), Midges (black, brown and red), the March Brown mayfly in sizes 16 – 14, and the little black stone flies are making their presence known to the fish. Many flies work this time of year, so don’t forget stimulator patterns and streamer patterns.

Fishermen have already caught many large fish over 5 pounds and over 20 inches in some of the area lakes. The early season starts in March every year, believe it or not, and the season continues into November most years. If you take time to stop by and talk to the local professionals in Sheridan and Buffalo on a consistent basis you will have better fishing. The best thing about fishing in Wyoming is if you know where to go in the winter or you ice fish, the fishing season only ends Dec. 31 at midnight when your license expires. If you plan ahead, you can have your Jan. 1 license and not miss a second of the season.

Quote of the Day:

You only care your waders are leaking when it’s cold!

Tip of the Day:

When you are fly fishing in below freezing conditions, it is recommended you stop fishing when your line starts to ice up. When your fly line ices, it almost always cracks the line. People don’t typically notice until later in the spring, when their floating line sinks. I’m not suggesting you stop fishing, I’m recommending you use an old line to fish in cold icy weather. Save the new line for weather above freezing.

Flies of the month:

Beatis and Midge — Stop by the local fly shop if you need further information as to what these two insects are, and what flies work to represent these insects.

Always remember, fishing is supposed to be fun!

 Roger Miller,