SHERIDAN — Sheridan High School will break new ground tomorrow, literally and figuratively.

The SHS Booster Club has been planning and fundraising for a 9,000-square-foot addition to the high school that will renovate the current locker rooms, create more locker room space and add a bigger athletic training facility.

“When this was all designed around 30 years ago, it was designed for 10th through 12th grade,” athletic director Don Julian told the Press in August. “They’re already small for our clientele, mainly because our freshmen class was added to the building, and we’ve added sports.”

After some help from the school district, an anonymous $500,000 donation and donations from the Sheridan Stadium Foundation and the Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation, the booster club has spent the last several months raising another $100,000.

The Leading the Legacy project was started by the booster club to collect sponsors for the new lockers. Sponsors receive a plaque inside the locker with a quote of the sponsor’s choice.

A public groundbreaking ceremony for the new sports facility will be held at SHS Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Students and donors will give an overview of the project, and the booster club hopes to wrap up the Leading the Legacy project. They have currently sold 257 of the 400 lockers.