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Cowboy Café 138 N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-2391

Dragon Wall 1842 Sugarland Dr Sheridan 307-673-6888

El Tapatio Dos 1125N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-0056

Firewater Grill 2125N. Main St Sheridan 307-675-1165

Golden China 2091 S. Sheridan Ave Sheridan 307-674-7181

Los Agaves 922 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-674-0900

Oliva’s Kitchen 437 N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-0986

Perkins 1373 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-655-1884

Pizza Hut 2547N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-9041

Pony Grill 3 S. Gould St Sheridan 307-674-7000

Flagstaff Café 1 N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-5333

Frackeltons 55 N. Main St Sheridan 307-675-6055

Wyoming Rib & Chop House 847 N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-4700

Sanfords 5 E. Alger ST Sheridan 307-674-1722

Sugarland Mining Co 1809 Sugarland Dr Sheridan 307-672-8931

Powder River Pizza 803 N. Main St Sheridan 307-655-8040

Bagel Express 1384 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-673-0620

Country Kitchen 2617N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-8144

House of Yros 401 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-673-1592

Kims Family Restaurant 2004N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-0357

Qdoba Mexican Grill 2112 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-675-1120

Remingtons 23 Country Club Ln Sheridan 307-673-4800

Silver Spur Café 832 N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-7330

Designing Dinners 615 Broadway St Sheridan 307-674-2460

Smokehouse Deli/Chester Fried1062Chicken E. Brundage Ln Sheridan 307-674-9224

Sidewalk Café 1333 W. 5th St Sheridan 307-673-3195

Las Delicias 5 E. Alger St Sheridan 307-655-8121

Mid Town Café 137 N. Main St Sheridan 307-674-0800

Java Moon 170 N. Main St Sheridan 307-673-5991

Red Velvet Bakery 35 N. Main St Sheridan 307-763-414

Big Horn Smokehouse 158 Johnson St Big Horn 307-655-5622

Tunnel Inn 402 Hwy 193 Story 307-683-2296

Arrowhead Lodge 6002 US Hwy 14 Dayton 254-377-3387

Moose Crossing at Bear Lodge5600 US Hwy 14A Dayton 307-752-2444

Branding Iron Café 517 Main St Dayton 307-655-2334

Eat Street 719 Dayton ST Ranchester 307-655-9034

Winchester Steak House 117 Hwy 16 Buffalo 307-684-8636


Arby’s 1777 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-672-8406

Burger King 1529 Coffeen Ae Sheridan 307-687-0400

Dairy Queen 544 N. Main St Sheridan 307-674-9379

Domino’s Pizza 1538N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-7401

McConalds 2146 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-673-1100

Subway 1514 E. 5th St Sheridan 307-673-1683

Taco Bell 1655 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-672-8866

Wendy’s 1319 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-674-9281

Good Times/Taco Johns 2175 Sugarland Dr Sheridan 307-673-4709

2590N. Main St Sheridan 307-672-5900

1001 Coffeen Ave Sheridan 307-673-1693

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