Kinskey against firefighters, poor

Re: Sheridan Press, Jan. 27

Will wonders never cease?

In the aftermath of many controversial events in the life of Sheridan County politics, our new (state) senator, Dave Kinskey (appointed, and not elected by the people), comes out strongly against our Sheridan Fire Dept. heroes and against the needy people of Wyoming.

As mayor, it seemed that one of his goals was to destroy the fireman’s union. He and his cronies used every questionable weapon in their arsenal in an attempt to accomplish this task. They are there to protect working people from exploitation by unorthodox administration bureaucrats.

As senator, he sides with the few who don’t care about our working poor who need insurance to carry on in their daily lives and provide security for their families. We need to take steps to stop the actions of those that seem to think we have to live with decisions made without the vote of the people. We can at the next election replace this brotherhood with people that are willing to serve the citizens of Sheridan County honestly and fairly.

Larry Mueller