SHERIDAN — The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has released its findings on the shooting of a man Monday on Murphy Gulch Road.

Sheriff Steve Kozisek said Richard L. Fipps, 46, of Sheridan had driven to Murphy Gulch Road with two employees to move a vehicle that had become stuck. Fipps was standing beside his truck as chains were being removed from the front of it when he was shot.

Kozisek said Fipps told a dog in the front seat of the truck to get into the back seat. Among other personal items laying on the back seat was a .300 Winchester Magnum with the safety apparently turned off. The dog managed to discharge the weapon, which fired through the cab of the truck.

The round struck Fipps in the left arm, traveled past his back and clipped his right sleeve without touching his right arm.

Kozisek said the employees with Fipps called an ambulance and then drove Fipps to U.S. Highway 14 where they met emergency crews. From there, Fipps was transported by ambulance to Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

While the injury is not life threatening, Fipps may lose his arm. Due to the severity of the injury, he has been moved to a facility in Billings.

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office was originally investigating the shooting but found the incident took place just inside Johnson County and turned the investigation over to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Kozisek said an examination of evidence and of witness statements support claims that the shooting was accidental.