SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Planning Commission voted Monday to recommend approval of a right-of-way realignment on East First Street to allow for future development in the area. City Council will consider the request at its meeting Monday.

Developer Drew Redinger, owner of Stonemill Construction, purchased land at the top of the hill east of Sheridan Avenue. He has proposed development of multi-family housing.

However, the property includes an undeveloped right-of-way that is a continuation of East First Street. The roadway is not platted but was an encumbrance on Redinger’s deed subject to allowing for the extension of First Street through the property, City Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs said.

Redinger asked that the encumbrance be released and that the right-of-way be bent south onto city land purchased in 1937. That will allow the roadway to go around the steep hill rather than up it if East First Street were continued.

“If we bend the road to the south, we can head to where the topography is smoother,” Briggs said.

Briggs said city staff were aware the right-of-way may need to be realigned since the city owns the property south of the current undeveloped right-of-way and could see the topography was not ideal for a roadway.

The release of a deed encumbrance is similar to a right-of-way vacation, Briggs said. It will allow Redinger to use the property as he wishes.

Briggs said an access road will be developed to serve the proposed multi-family housing area, but he wasn’t sure at this time if the city would develop a “full-blown city street” extending East First Street. It is a possibility, but he said it will depend on development plans in the area.