SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Economic and Educational Authority met Tuesday at Sheridan College, holding discussions on First Light Children’s Center and Sheridan’s High-Tech Park.

Due to a lack of a quorum, no official action was taken.

First Light Children’s Center quarterly report showed that the center has 70 students and employs 14 people, nine of whom are part time. After SEEDA finishes the Wyoming Business Council Grant monitoring period, it will look at how it might fine tune the operations agreement it has with First Light with the intention to allow First Light flexibility in its daily operations.

The next report concerned the Sheridan High-Tech Park. The city will use remaining grant funds to pave the rest of Hi-Tech Drive Loop, which will be performed through the Northwest Infrastructure Project.

A Phase III application has been submitted to progress toward the final certification necessary to make the High-Tech Park certified “shovel ready” for business development.

Finally, a list of creative economy proposals has been finalized by the Creative Arts Council, and it has been voted on.

The Creative Arts Council is a joint effort by both Sheridan and Johnson Counties, with representatives from both counties’ Chambers of Commerce, the Sheridan Artists’ Guild, Sheridan College and members of the public. Proposals will include two or three projects for consideration.