CLEARMONT — The town of Clearmont has decided to join the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce in hopes that doing so will help increase tourism in the town.

Mayor Chris Schock said when he took office he noticed that Ranchester and Dayton were part of the Chamber of Commerce but Clearmont wasn’t.

“I just thought Clearmont ought to be a member,” Schock said. “We’re hoping it will drive in tourism and let people know we’re out there.”

The council voted 4-0 last week to join the Chamber of Commerce. Schock said Town Clerk Janet Riesland will submit the paperwork soon.

Schock noted that a few attractions people may not be aware of in Clearmont are the Best Kept Secret quilt shop and the Clear Creek Stop convenience store, which prepares and serves a homecooked meal from 4 to 6 p.m. every Saturday. The menu changes weekly, but Schock said it is a good time to gather and enjoy a tasty meal and nice company.

Recently, town resident Terri Foster approached the Town Council to inquire about using the old Town Hall by Branding Iron Park to set up a museum dedicated to Clearmont history.

Schock said the town currently has some items stored in the building but will look into alternative storage so the building can be used. The old Town Hall is next to the old jail, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

“We’re working on that, and it looks like maybe we’ll finally get a building. We have lots of items to display,” Foster said.

Foster said the idea of a museum has been on her mind for years following the release of “Backward Glance,” a book on the history of Clearmont and the surrounding area, in 1992, and several historical displays and projects since.

One project was a display of the history of the Clearmont Women’s Club, dating back to 1920, in the library.

“That alone could take a whole room,” Foster said.

Another project focused on the history of the Clearmont Church, which stood for 90 years before being torn down and placing a new church in the same location.

Foster and a group of interested residents are working on gathering information about the Sunny Brook Cemetery, which was deeded to the town of Clearmont after being on private ranch land for years, as well as fixing up the old school house built in 1898.

Foster is also working on gathering historical photos and information about Clearmont businesses to be published in a photo book to preserve additional history about the town.

“We put out our book, ‘Backward Glance,’ in 1992, but it only had stories about people from people. There was nothing in there about businesses, organizations and events, so a couple months ago, my son-in-law and I started working on gathering photos and stories,” Foster said.

Foster noted that there will be a book signing and presentation about the book “Backward Glance” at Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery in August.

June was also a clean-up month for the town, Schock said. The town helped residents haul off unwanted appliances, and residents worked together to tidy up various areas around town. A similar effort will occur in the fall to clean up tree limbs, leaves and brush. Residents are asked to call the Clearmont Town Hall at 758-4465 for more information.

“We’re a small community, pretty close knit, so we have to all help each other out,” Schock said.

In other business, the Town Council discussed which projects it will complete with county consensus funding, which is allocated to cities, towns and counties by the State Loan and Investment Board to be used for capital improvement projects.

Clearmont is slated to receive $59,050 in consensus funds in the current distribution. Projects town officials are considering include updated and new signage in town, fixing a water line along Water Street, creating a new park across the train tracks and making the bathrooms in Branding Iron Park ADA-compliant.

Clearmont will submit its list of proposed consensus funding projects to Sheridan County, which will submit a final list of projects for Dayton, Ranchester, Clearmont, Sheridan and the county to the state for approval.