SHERIDAN — A Sheridan man was fined $700 in Sheridan’s municipal court this week for public intoxication and resisting arrest after police had to use force to complete the arrest.

A report from the Sheridan Police Department also indicated an officer was injured while apprehending 28-year-old Michael Fulciniti.

Fulciniti was located on the 400 block of Sumner Street at approximately 2:50 a.m. last Friday, but said he believed he was on South Sheridan Avenue. The driver of a vehicle reported Fulciniti had flagged them down and then began beating on the windows of the vehicle, and a resident on Gladstone Street reported the man had been in the back yard of their residence at one point.

According to a report filed by officers on the scene, Fulciniti was very intoxicated and disoriented, was unable to explain where he lived or where he was going and said the word “parked” several times.

While police were able to handcuff the man without incident, he began to struggle and refused to enter the police car, indicating he felt police had violated his fourth, third and second amendment rights and that he was not “intoxicatable.”

One of the two police officers attempted to use pressure control points to control the suspect and cause him to enter the police car, but the technique was ineffective. An officer then attempted to use a knee strike to the back of Fulciniti’s leg, which allowed the officers to push Fulciniti down on the vehicle.

While delivering the leg strike, the officer felt a sharp pain. The officer was examined at a local urgent care clinic and it was determined the muscles did not appear to be torn and the injury should heal in time.

In court this week, Fulciniti pleaded guilty to the two misdemeanor charges. He was not charged with any crime associated with injuring a police officer. In addition to the fine, he was assigned six months of unsupervised probation and ordered to be psychologically assessed for alcohol dependence.