May 2014

Divorces granted in May in 4th Judicial District Court (plaintiff v. defendant):

• Tamara Jo Gress v. David Lamar Reiff, May 1

• Megan L. Means v. Jacob L. Sundquist, May 6

• Michael D. Atkinson v. Angela Marie Atkinson, May 7

• Matthew Justin Washburn v. Kaylia Nicolle Washburn, May 8

• Bradley H. Bounds v. Tessa R. Savage, May 8

• Taylor Kristine Finias v. Selvin Rios, May 8

• Abigail Eve Duncan v. Aaron Scott Duncan, May 8

• John Ryan King v. Michelle Marguerita King, May 13

• Deanna Lin Bobbitt-Varela v. Raul Varela Torres, May 16

• Matthew B. Hoope v. Sonia F. Aguirre, May 20

• Michael R. Giorgis v. Carrie J. Higgins, May 20

• Dustin J. Graham v. Brandi Nicole Watson, May 22

• William P. Gurn v. Tina Gurn, May 28

• Arlee Faye Thornton v. Mark Charles Reeb, May 30


Marriage licenses issued and recorded by the Sheridan County Clerk’s Office in May:

• James Alvin Drake, Sheridan, 65, and Mary Margaret Legler, Sheridan, May 5

• Oliver Charles Woundedeye, Lame Deer, Montana, and Theresa Magdeline Crazymule, Lame Deer, Montana, May 7

• Luke Alexander Aust, Laramie, 22, and Calli Christina Robinson, Sheridan, May 13

• Joseph Dennis Red Thunder, Hardin, Montana, 22, and Jennifer Nicole Old Bull, Hardin, Montana, May 14

• Elkin Josue Flores Velasques, Billings, Montana, 21, and Victoria Salazar Garcia, Billings, Montana, 20, May 15

• Ryan Richard Parker, Sheridan, 38, and Kristina Michelle Thompson, Sheridan, 35, May 16

• Rocky Benjamin Donaldson Jr., Big Horn, 37, and Wendy Kaye Mayer, Big Horn, 41, May 16

• Paul Louis Schuerman, Sheridan, 51, and Charlene Kay Foster, Sheridan, 52, May 16

• Rayon Ricardo Richards, Sheridan, 27, and Mayra Elizabeth Pelayo, Sheridan, 25, May 16

• Bryan Lee Barkley, Casper, 39, and Melody Kaye Fort, Casper, 42, May 16

• Andrew Robert Larson, Story, 31, and Nicole Lynn Conwell, Story, 28, May 21

• Ricky Lewis Kincaid, Sheridan, 52, and Teresa Ann Bolen, East Bend, North Carolina, 49, May 27

• Bradly Roy Williams, Laramie, 31, and Alyse Marie Springer, Laramie, 26, May 28

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