SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Planning Commission voted to recommend approval for three projects, including the third phase of the Poplar Grove planned unit development northwest of Skeels Street, at its meeting Monday.

The three projects will be considered by City Council April 7.

The Poplar Grove PUD has been in the works since 2006.

After development of the first phase of the subdivision, the property went into foreclosure, City Engineer Lane Thompson said in his staff report. The current owner, John Muecke, then purchased the property and continued to develop it.

Muecke has submitted his plans for Phase Three, as well as a revision to the existing conceptual plan. The proposed third phase consists of 20 lots for residential development to contain duplexes or detached units and two tracts for future development.

Muecke said he also has plans for a neighborhood park.

Modifications to the conceptual plan include reducing lot density by two along Lookout Point Drive and increasing lot density by two along Willow Trail. Some lots have also been enlarged and the area proposed to be the city park has been re-shaped to incorporate the detention area for the subdivision.

Thompson said the overall density is less than what was originally proposed.

Commissioner Robert Webster asked Muecke if he still had plans to work with Habitat for Humanity, and Muecke said he did.

Planning commissioners also voted to recommend approval of a request to amend the trailer park permit for Sayer East Side Country Park located south of East College Avenue near Interstate 90.

Thompson said the park was originally approved in 2007. At that time, it included a site for a large storage building. However, the building was never built, and the owner now wishes to add three more spaces for mobile homes.

A request to replat two lots and a partial lot into two lots that would normally be approved administratively came before the Commission because the replat reduced the width of one of the lots to 51 feet instead of the required 60 feet in an R-1 residential district. This change required a variance.

Commission members voted to recommend approval for the variance and the replat for the property located northwest of Laclede and Delphi streets.