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Re: March 19 Anderson letter

I am grateful to the writer of a letter to the editor that was printed in the March 19 issue of The Sheridan Press for beginning this conversation. I sincerely hope my response is helpful.

Preventing any unwarranted intrusion by Washington is just one of the issues I discussed in the announcement of my candidacy for House District 29, but I do appreciate the opportunity to be more specific. While there are any number of unjustified intrusions or excessive pieces of legislation or rules implemented by federal agencies that one could point to, there are a few that stand out:

The Affordable Care Act is a lumbering piece of legislation that has driven up the cost of health insurance — making private insurance completely unaffordable for many, and put our country (and Wyomingites) deeper in debt. The ACA has created a notable drag on individual and community resources.

The EPA has overstepped its boundaries here as well. They’ve arbitrarily redrawn our states boundaries, threatened a private landowner with incredible penalties over his licensed stock pond, and are currently working through a rule change to expand their authority (without legislative consideration) to extend its reach from “all navigable waters” to include tributaries as well.

Our nation has, until recently, conducted our affairs on a local level as often as possible. Is there a need for executive order and federal control? Of course. I believe in a strong national defense, but I can’t build an aircraft carrier. So, we bond ourselves to each other in order to provide for the common defense. But what about housing, health, education and many, many other issues? Local entities know these issues far better than our national government.

While the current attitude toward Washington is of frustration and distrust on both sides of the aisle, I agree with the writer that Washington is our capital and I am very proud to be a citizen of the United States. It is our good fortune to have the ability to publicly disagree with our political leaders, their policies, and the rules created by federal agencies. Yet, I’m also proud to be a Wyomingite and a citizen of Sheridan, and it is the decisions made at the state and local levels that can provide the most impact for us.

Ryan Mulholland



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