2010 SHS grad battling cancer

Re: Family grateful for support


On January 21, 2014, Ryan Hoffmann, a 2010 Sheridan High School graduate was admitted into Wyoming Medical Center in Casper with severe dehydration and near renal failure (kidney failure). Ryan, who has Down syndrome, had been throwing up for four days. On the Jan. 25, after a series of events and tests administered to find the cause of his severe nausea and kidney problems, the Hoffmann family received the earth shattering news that 25-year-old Ryan had a rare cancer called Burkitt Lymphoma.

This extremely aggressive cancer is most common in males under 30, in addition to being common in individuals with Down syndrome.

On Jan. 27, Ryan was transported via ambulance to the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colo. There, he was put on dialysis to help his kidneys recover. Doctors also started Ryan on chemotherapy to start fighting the Burkitt lymphomas that had spread throughout his abdomen and had begun to burst.

Currently, Ryan is completing his second round of chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora where he had been transferred to on the Feb. 18. Ryan will receive his remaining five chemotherapy cycles at the children’s hospital. Ryan’s parents, Garry and Joan Hoffmann of Sheridan, are with him in Colorado. For now, the Hoffmann family is “cautiously optimistic” and has full faith that Ryan is in God’s hands whatever may come.

A website has been set up to update friends and family on Ryan’s current status. Individuals wanting to help in Ryan’s battle against cancer are able to do so through this site.

The Hoffmann family would like to extend their sincerest thank you for the many prayers, services and support already rendered on Ryan’s behalf.

See more at: www.youcaring.com/savingpreciousryan


School board controls SCSD2 public money

Re: Press stories, Feb. 6, Feb. 13, Feb. 15,

Feb. 22, Feb. 27


Why is Sheridan County School District #2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty getting the bad ink? Do we not have an elected school board responsible for oversight of the taxpayer’s money?  Where are they in The Sheridan Press stories?  Any reporter worth their salt should be able to find those mushrooms. After all, they are the responsible party in this mudslinging gala.

Furthermore, you owe a public apology to Tom Kinnison and other Whitney Foundations board members for stating the project is outside the foundation’s mission.  The Whitney will. The annual audit and IRS Form 990 are readily available to any reporter willing to read them. Such a facility is expressly identified in the will. It would be another YMCA, located on school property. The current YMCA being a facility heavily funded by Whitney as is the ice rink.

Actually the only Whitney Benefits information not available to a reporter is the annual reports of E.A.W. INC., a for-profit corporation that holds title to about 20 Whitney properties and is engaged in who knows what?  Whitney’s 990 claims it as a nonprofit.


Bob Genereaux