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SHERIDAN — A Sheridan man was arrested Wednesday afternoon near Sugarland Drive after he urinated in a public lounge and then entered a roadway afoot as he attempted to leave the establishment.

Sheridan Police Lt. Chris Dahmke said Raymond Adams, 67, had been asked to leave Rendevouz Liquor and Lounge on Sugarland Drive after he had become severly intoxicated. Dahmke said the bar’s employees reported he was noncompliant and instead urinated in a corner and refused to leave. Police were contacted, and when they arrived, they cited Adams for disorderly Conduct – befouling and instructed him to take a taxi home.

Dahmke said Adams declined to call a taxi and instead began to walk away from the establishment. During the course of his departure, Adams entered the roadway. Police stopped Adams again and cited him on the offense of intoxicated pedestrian on a roadway.

Adams was already on probation for a charge of driving under the influence last December. He had police contact for an alcohol-related incident in May of this year, when his blood alcohol content was recorded to be 0.352 percent. Adams was to not consume alcohol as a provision of his probationary terms, but the court decided not to revoke Adams’ probation for that offense Oct. 1, giving him a chance to stay out of jail.

According to the police incident report, Adams’ BAC when he was arrested at approximately 3:40 p.m. Wednesday was .283 percent when measured by a portable breath test. That’s more than three times the legally established point of intoxication of 0.08.

Dahmke said Sheridan’s police do not routinely arrest subjects when a known probation violation occurs, but it is assumed they will deal with the charge when their court date arises. That, he said, is why Adams was given a chance to leave the bar.

“Leniency is not always rewarded, and that seems to be the case here,” Prosecuting Attorney Christoper LaRosa said at Adams’ hearing Thursday afternoon in Sheridan County Circuit Court.

Adams pleaded guilty to Judge Shelley Cundiff.

Before his sentencing, Adams said he has planned to seek treatment at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center for emotional issues including post-traumatic stress disorder and apologized for his behavior.

“You gave me a chance. I screwed it up, and I’m very sorry for that,” Adams said.

Cundiff revoked Adams’ previous probationary sentence, and Adams was thus assigned to serve 100 days in jail. Upon his release, he will again be on probation and must follow up with all treatment recommendations from medical professionals.

Adams will address the disorderly conduct charge in municipal court Oct. 21.

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