SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Democratic State Convention June 6 will be held virtually, the party announced Friday afternoon.

“It’s not what we envisioned, but it is what is necessary in order to protect the health and safety of convention participants,” WDP Chair Joe Barbuto said.

Sheridan County will send 17 delegates to convention of the 323 total — 13 for Biden and 4 for Sanders.

County chairman Hollis Hackman said the nominating committee has been tasked with selecting a chairperson for the convention — previously Rep. Andi Clifford, D-Riverton, in 2018 and Rep. Charles Pelkey, D-Laramie, in 2016.

This year, platform components include “support for affordable, accessible, and comprehensive healthcare for every American, and the democratically held belief in equal opportunity that rewards employment for all Wyoming citizens,” Hackman said in an email.

With a focus on sustainability, economic diversification and natural resource preservation also made the platform.

“With a nod to the continuing controversy surrounding money in politics, an additional plank states that corporations are not people and money is not speech, and decries the influence of corporate money and corporate aims being prioritized over the general welfare and needs of the nation,” Hackman said.