Ramaco a good neighbor

Re: Support for local project

It is my belief that Joan Tellez (May 7, The Sheridan Press) may be naive in her perception of Powder River Basin Resource Council. Her ardent loyalty is unfounded. In fact, PRBRC is not what they portray themselves to be. I also believe PRBRC, when founded, had a mission, a worthy purpose of preventing the abuse of Wyoming resources through mining. However their mission has drastically changed to prevent all mining. Ramaco has fulfilled all regulatory commitments, guidelines and the rigorous mine permitting process with full transparency.

It is now eight years since they began this process, with numerous ambiguous protests causing endless delays and quite frankly mean-spirited attacks from PRBRC. A lot has changed in the coal industry since Ramaco began the permitting process of a new mine. They have adjusted to these changes switching from coal for energy to coal for products in the form of carbon fiber.

Ramaco has made a positive impact on the children of this community as well as the children from our Northern Cheyenne and Crow communities to the north. Ramaco’s generous contributions to the USMC Toys for Tots Christmas program is unmatched. I have never witnessed any such goodwill intentions from members of PRBRC, ever. (I personally donate the space each year for the distribution of the toys).

Joan has previously mentioned her family’s history in the Tongue River area. My family also has a long history in this area. My father was born in Monarch, my grandfather worked in the coal mines in the area that Ramaco is now established. My great-grandmother rests in the cemetery just east of Monarch. To return to the point. As a medical professional, I base my thoughts on truths and facts. PRBRC is heavily funded by wealthy East Coast green new deal supporters giving the impression that they are a local organization. Names such as Bloomberg and Soros are very willing to fund and support PRBRC agendas and are quite possibly pulling the levers behind the curtain. Ramaco is a generous supporter of our community and brings a new age for the industry. As mentioned, PRBRC never volunteers, funds or helps anyone in the community but themselves.

In conclusion, it is of my opinion that PRBRC are the ones not to be trusted. Their unreasonable accusations are based on assumption not facts.

Tom Laya