SHERIDAN — Since they were 4 years old, twins Samantha and Katelin Rogaczewski were making music. Starting out singing random things in the car, the twins joined the children’s choir at church in the second grade.

As a part of the Holy Name Catholic School system, Samantha and Katelin took band and fell in love with music.

Now, there is not a day that goes by without music filling the Rogaczewski household.

The sisters could follow along with sheet music as members of the concert and jazz bands in high school, Katelin playing clarinet for concert and piano for jazz, while Samantha played trumpet for both.

Life does not have sheet music to follow, though. Everyone has to find their own tune, going wherever it might lead.

With high school graduation approaching for Katelin, Samantha and the rest of the graduating class at Sheridan High School, they will look to find their own tune in the world.

The opening stanza following high school for the sisters involves heading to Laramie to attend the University of Wyoming.

Katelin is excited for the opportunity, knowing there will be struggles along the way, but both sisters are prepared for the next chapter of life and believe they will come out better people after earning degrees.

There is excitement for Samantha, though she admitted she’s also terrified. She will leave the comfort of home and the life built in high school.

“It is kind of scary leaving home and realizing you are not going to wake up to your mom making breakfast,” Samantha said.

This will not be the first time the twins have adjusted to a larger school.

The Rogaczewski twins went from a six-person class at Holy Name to a 190-person class at SHS.

Scenes from movies where the upperclassmen tormented the underclassmen went through the sisters’ minds, adding nerves to the transition to SHS.

Their older brother, Scott, was a senior, giving the sisters one friendly face and a person to help them with the transition. Scott’s friends also provided them with people who welcomed them to school.

After the first few months at SHS, Samantha and Katelin realized school was not scary. As they became involved with different actives, they built friendships.

Katelin and Samantha are shy at first but become social butterflies once they are comfortable in their surroundings. The sisters built relationships with their teachers early on and began to find friends that were going to be a strong support system for them.

Samantha and Katelin played volleyball and basketball and ran track freshman year but only continued with track and field each year after.

Track, along with band, was where the sisters found their support group and moved outside of their comfort zone.

Katelin said their family always encouraged them to branch out and meet new people. That included encouraging the sisters to get out of the house on Friday nights and find a place to meet new people.

There was encouragement from those around them, but it ultimately came to a change in mindset that allowed her to expand her social circle.

The relationships built with the teachers and coaches allowed the sisters to participate in multiple activities and succeed in school. Samantha and Katelin were also involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honor Society.

Some mornings were spent going in early for help or taking a test they would miss because of an event.

They also went in for a morning workout with their track coach because they were going to be gone that afternoon for a jazz festival.

It was not always easy to be successful in school and be involved in multiple activities, but they said if they loved the activities, they found ways to make it work.

Samantha and Katelin are not planning on slowing down once they reach college. Both sisters are interested in joining the rugby team at UW and plan to assist with mission trips with St. Paul’s Newman Center.

Along with a major in psychology and criminal justice, Katelin plans on joining Air Force ROTC, hoping to become an embedded health personnel with troops overseas. Her job would be to help identify any mental illnesses while being deployed with a unit.

Samantha will major in environmental and natural resources, along with possibly acquiring an engineering degree. She wants to help other countries make the right economic decisions, avoiding negative impacts to the environment.

Both sisters are planning careers geared toward helping other people.

Instilled in them by their family and church, where they assisted with community service projects, Katelin said.

Both sisters will be looking to find their own tune and make their impact on the world. As they travel to Laramie in the fall, they will learn on each other.