SHERIDAN — Some of Wyoming’s top singer-songwriters, including a local Sheridanite, will join forces on Saturday to provide a day full of entertainment for Facebook viewers.

Saturday’s event, a part of the “HomeFest” launched by the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition, will feature performances by 11 artists and can be seen at the Singer-Songwriter Competition’s Facebook page, Wyoming Singer-Songwriters.

Viewers will also hear performances of songs written by Wyoming performers to commemorate the coronavirus quarantine as part of the Singer-Songwriter Competition’s “LockDown Challenge.”

Twenty songs have been submitted for judging by a panel of musicians, and the top three will be announced during Saturday’s show, wrapping up five hours of live music.

“HomeFest” was started early in the pandemic as a way to share music with people who were largely confined to their homes. Every week, four performers played for 30 to 40 minutes each in shows broadcast on the Singer-Songwriter Competition’s Facebook page.

Saturday’s show will feature 11 artists who will begin playing at 3 p.m. and wrap up at 8 p.m., when the winners of the top songs in the Lockdown Challenge will be announced and performed.

All of the entries in the LockDown Challenge can be viewed on YouTube:

Below is a lineup for Saturday’s show:

3 p.m.: Eddie Delbridge, Rock Springs

3:30 p.m.: Adam Kirkpatrick, Lander

4 p.m.: Dan Brain, Laramie

4:30 p.m.: Damian Trujillo, Sheridan

5 p.m.: Dyann Diercks, Lusk/Laramie

5:30 p.m.: Special performance by Mason Harms, Laramie

5:35 p.m.: Jon Gardzelewski, Laramie

6 p.m.: Bill Elliot, Laramie

6:30 p.m.: April June, Sheridan

7 p.m.: Keaton Elsasser, Laramie

7:30 p.m.: Madison Graulty, Laramie

8 p.m.: Announcement of LockDown Challenge top songs