Takes many to make this a special place

Re: Trying times


The Board of Trustees at Whitney Benefits would like to provide a word of encouragement to our community during these trying times. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are felt around the country and the world, Wyoming has not been immune to its impact. It is during times like these that the generosity, initiative and spirit of service unique to our area become undeniable.

We have seen the community come together in this time as many local organizations and individuals are creating personal protective equipment (PPE). Foundations, businesses and individuals have collaborated to establish the Sheridan Area Employee Relief Fund.

As we all work to follow the governor’s guidance to stay home as much as possible, Whitney is also working to help fill the gaps created by this pandemic. With a donation of $28,000 to Sheridan College for the purchase of a Stratasys F170 Industrial 3-D printer, Whitney is not only supporting future educational endeavors but is providing resources to allow for production of PPE when it is needed most. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who on a daily basis have, and continue to, provide our community with essential services. Difficult times remind us of the many people it requires to make this a special place!

Since the death of E.A. Whitney in 1917, our community and Whitney Benefits has seen our share of adversity from depressions, pandemics, wars and natural disasters to national emergencies. We have remained a cornerstone in Wyoming and have seen the resilience of the Sheridan community firsthand. We wish to inspire our community to continue to stay strong and support one another during this difficult time.


Roy Garber

Whitney Benefits
board president