Economics of preparedness

Re: Causes similar throughout history

America isn’t shy about spending on military preparedness to protect commerce while civil preparedness takes a back seat to commerce.

I watched a lecture on C-SPAN about Confederate economics and the women’s food riots in Southern cities. The major cause of food shortages were decisions made long before the war, decisions to base their economy on exporting cash crops and importing essential needs.

These coronavirus pandemic shortages have similar causes. Economic decisions made long ago are helping to cause them. Just in time inventories, short-term decisions to enhance cash flows, outsourcing and globalization. These decisions excited business — increased profits, executive salaries, dividends and stock prices — but steady self-reliance can be an existential blessing.

As a Yankee, I am glad the South had remained a dependent colonial economy. As an American I wish the country was more self-sufficient.


Mel Logan