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If Sheridan residents need a reminder of the kindness that exists in the community, in these uncertain times, they don’t need to search far to find evidence.

As restaurants have been forced to close their doors to dine-in traffic, folks took to the phones to order carryout. They called into coffee shops to place curbside orders and purchased gift cards from retailers for later use.

Neighbors have offered shared grocery items, toilet paper and help watching children home from school. The practice hearkens back to days when neighbors shared cups of sugar and flour.

Business owners have pledged to care for their staff members, ensuring nobody’s needs remain unmet.

Leaders across the county and across the state have emphasized the need for compassion, patience and unity. They have asked us to help each other, only buy what we need (in other words, avoid hoarding) and protect those around us by practicing social distancing.

As individuals become frustrated, anxious and homebound, The Sheridan Press asks community members to also remain kind.

While many now find themselves with extra time, refrain from attacking neighbors on social media. Instead, practice empathy in all interactions. You never know the battles our neighbors are facing, and now, more than ever, they likely face a reduction in pay or layoffs, challenges with education and child care and health concerns, alongside life’s daily challenges.

This request — the need for kindness — will become even more important as individuals who have made it through a COVID-19 diagnosis re-enter our community from self-isolation. 

As we all navigate the next few weeks, and the challenging months ahead, we hope you’ll remember, that even while we’re apart, we’re in this together.


Note: This is the considered opinion of The Sheridan Press editorial board.

By |Mar. 20, 2020|

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