SHERIDAN — In celebration of National Fiduciary Day on Feb. 25, Whitney Benefits staff and board members would like to remind the community of the importance of fiduciary excellence.

Investment fiduciaries are in a unique position to responsibly manage assets of others and thus must adhere to the highest standard of conduct.

To ensure Whitney Benefits acts as a reliable and competent steward of assets, the foundation undergoes regular assessment by third-party reviewers at the Center for Fiduciary Excellence.

Whitney Benefits has been certified by CEFEX since 2010 with most recent recertification in the fall of 2019.

The interest-free student loan program at Whitney Benefits remains possible through this fiduciary excellence.

As an organization that is CEFEX certified, Whitney Benefits works with local investment advisors to ensure funds are handled appropriately. This allows for the foundation to grow and best serve community interest now and for years to come.

Whitney Benefits is proud to stand with the Sheridan College Foundation and the Gillette College Foundation as the only three foundations in the state with CEFEX certification.

“CEFEX certification provides assurance to the community that Whitney Benefits is held accountable to best practices and can continue to fulfill our foundations’ mission for years to come,” Whitney Benefits board President Roy Garber said in a press release.