Hear me out.

Before you turn the page and scoff at the idea of ground turkey being good in anything, read on. I was firmly in that camp and had made up my mind that ground turkey was only good for dieting.

While it is great to cut some calories and fats here and there, I wasn’t a fan. It’s bland and lifeless.

Really the only real way to save it was to put tons of spices in it and make it more than it is.

I have had it in spaghetti sauces, on nachos and in soup form. All were noticeably worse off for having turkey sausage involved.

Until last weekend when I discovered it is absolutely terrific in chili. It is the only place it’s strange texture and lack of flavor is covered up naturally by the slow cooking process of chili.

My wife happened to start Weight Watchers right around the new year, although I don’t think any resolutions were made. So in a roundabout way, I too started a diet the same day my wife did.

I decided to just go for it and started intermittent fasting. It’s by far the easiest diet regimen out there for a guy that still enjoys eating and isn’t committed to the diet lifestyle at this point in his life.

I just keep my eating within a five hour window each day, and that is that. Paired with the meals we come up with that are low in points for my wife, it seems to be working and I’m not terribly hungry outside of the five hour window. Barley tea is an amazing appetite suppressant and tastes wonderful to boot; I highly suggest it.

The only unfortunate side effect to dieting is making more and more things with ground turkey instead of the local ground beef we buy from a guy in a parking lot. I will miss it, but won’t give up on it just yet. I still a few pounds in the freezer waiting on a cheat day.

The thing with ground turkey in chili is its texture. By the time all the spices and tomatoes have done their work slow simmering, the taste is on point. The texture stays firm but tender. Ground beef tends to break up a bit more in chili, and it is a highlight for sure. But the larger chunks of meat inside the chili were a treat.

It may also help we ended up buying 93/7 ground turkey instead of the standard 99% fat free version. I think it helps a ton. While it does add points to my wife’s daily total, it fends of the full-on depression of dieting.

I highly recommend you try it. In chili of course, bear with the rest.