SHERIDAN — Sheridan High School boys basketball team lost to Billing Skyview High School 69-54 Friday night.

The Broncs fell behind 29-19 after the first half but showed signs of life in the third quarter. Head coach Jeff Martini said he thought the Broncs started the game off timid and with low energy. The energy level improved in the second half but the Broncs did not earn the defensive stops need to win the game.

Senior Gus Wright said the team did not come out ready to play and there is a lot to learn from this game for Sheridan.

Wright scored all nine of Sheridan’s points in the first quarter and ended with 24 points in the game.

Skyview had a balanced offensive attack. They were able to drive to the hoop and hit the open shots. Skyview had 11 3-pointers in the game.

Martini said part of the Broncs’ defensive struggles occurred during transition. Sheridan lost the Skyview shooters in the transition leading to open shots for the visitors. The Broncs did not stay in front of the ball, allowing Skyview to drive close to the hoop.

The defense rotated well and stopped the driver, but eventually Skyview found the open man and knocked down the shot.

Sheridan’s Sam Lecholat picked up two fouls in the first minute and half of the game. When Lecholat was on the bench, Skyview dominated the glass. Martini said this was the second game in a row Lecholat was in foul trouble early in the game. Lecholat plays with a lot of passion.

Wright said it is tough when Lecholat is not on the court. The Broncs need to rebound better as a team and make contact when boxing out.

Lecholat was missed on the offensive side of the ball. Martini said Lecholat helps move the ball.

Wright said the Broncs need to do a better job of moving the ball on offense. Skyview did a good job pressuring the guards, forcing Sheridan shots offensively and need to do a better job of running through the offense.

Skyview consistently mixed up their defensive looks. Martini said every time he called something on offense, Skyview changed their defense, making it hard for Sheridan to execute.

“Our kids, they are trying to do the right things,” Martini said. “We are going to get there, it is just defensively we have to be better, that is what we have to do.”

Sheridan starts conference play against Thunder Basin and Campbell County high schools. Sheridan needs to improve on the defensive side of the ball and enter games with more energy.

Wright said he expects Martini will have something to help the team next week in practice.

Martini said the guards need to become more involved with the offense, Sheridan needs to attack the hoop and hit open shots moving forward of offense. Defensively, the Broncs need to stay in front of the ball and guard the 3-point line.

Sheridan hosts Thunder Basin Jan. 24 to open conference play. The girls play at 5:30 p.m. and the boys play at 7 p.m.