Yesterday’s anniversary of the September 11 attacks was marked throughout the country with various ceremonies and salutes…and by students at Sagebrush Elementary with random acts of kindness.

The focus for students yesterday was spreading kindness, acceptance, and friendship throughout their school and community. The school promoted this kindness movement through group and individual activities.

“It is amazing to see how this 9/11 project is inspiring the kids to think about the impact they can have on others,” said fifth grade teacher Laura Kintzi.

“It is so valuable to our youth to recognize the importance of giving back to our peers and the community as a whole,” added paraprofessional and parent of Sagebrush students Becky Sanders.

To start the day, Ms. Kintzi’s fifth-grade class gave Mrs. Longhoffer’s third grade class treats to enjoy. That class then made cards for Mrs. Muth’s first-grade class, who turned around and cleaned Mr. Emery’s fourth-grade classroom.

This kindness continued to move throughout the school all day promoting a positive environment at Sagebrush.

The caring didn’t stop there. Random Acts of Kindness cards were also given to individual students by Miss Clikeman, a student teacher at Sagebrush. The student’s job was to perform an act of kindness for someone and then pass the card to them. The hope was that the receiver would continue the trend. This was meant to raise awareness about the impact you can directly have on others through simple acts of spontaneous generosity.

“I have always loved helping people,” said fifth grader Emma Katschke. “This project inspired me to help out Sagebrush, and I learned that by helping others it will make me and my school more happy.”

Sagebrush hopes to promote the value and power of being kind and to continue this kindness movement throughout the school and community. They are looking forward to seeing the impact this will have on their school and community.