Staff members at The Sheridan Press often receive several questions per week about our letter to the editor section of the newspaper. While easy, I wanted to point out some frequently asked questions and respond to them more publicly.

We invite anyone and everyone to submit letters to the editor, as we publish articles for the people and encourage civil rhetoric about those important topics in our community, state, nation and world. Publishing letters helps the community understand perspectives different from those of local authority figures.

Although Press reporters strive to record at least a few non-authoritative voices in each article, sometimes that goal is not reached. That’s where letters to the editor come into play. We, and the community, want to hear from you.

That being said, we must regulate letters to align with our ethical standards as journalists. The rules are laid out simply on our Opinion pages published in the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday editions of The Press. Take a peek anytime you need a refresher, but here are some of the FAQs we receive weekly.


How do I submit a letter?

Submissions are accepted through our website at, via email at or or dropped off at our office, located at 144 E. Grinnell Plaza in Sheridan.


When will my letter be published?

It depends on space, how many letters have been received and timeliness of topics. Letters most often appear in the weekend editions.


Who decides what is published or not published?

Both the editor and publisher see submitted letters to the editor. The publisher makes the final call on what is or is not published on the Opinion pages each week, including political cartoons and national or guest columnists.


Why was my letter not published?

If we receive letters unrelated to our readership, out of our readership or what the publisher deems goes against our code of ethics, it will not be published. Longer letters that exceed the word limit may be cut down for space or printed in its entirety, depending on the editor’s and publisher’s discretion. Letters without a first and last name and the proper identifying information included will not be published until that information is verified.


Who should I talk to if I have questions about submitting a letter?

First, review the requirements detailed on every Opinion page published Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in The Sheridan Press. If your questions are still unanswered, contact Ashleigh Snoozy or Kristen Czaban by calling The Sheridan Press at 307-672-2431 or by emailing We will respond as quickly as possible.


Thank you to all who have submitted letters to the editor. We value the voice of the people — our neighbors, family and friends.