Long overdue thank you

Re: Volunteers in community

This letter is long overdue yet cannot come at a more appropriate time. This year’s end is a powerful time for reflection.

In a day and age that we are inundated with advertisements at Christmastime (and earlier) to buy, buy, buy that entices people to get, get, get; which, in turn, encourages some people to frantically search for that “special” gift, the one that they themselves, their children or significant other desires (or expresses a “need to have”). At times, these searches end with exhaustion, disappointment, tragedy or the very least facing the year to come saddled with bills from overspending.

The spirit of Christmas in Sheridan never ceases to amaze me. A true spirit of love, kindness and joy, generosity and actions that demonstrate an understanding of the real nature of Christmas. I am blessed to witness in a year-round capacity evidenced best in the generous hearts of the volunteers at The Hub (formerly known as the Senior Center).

I have worked part time for The Hub for a little over a year not with the home-delivered meals program. The people I work with and for are fabulous! However, the people who really rock are the volunteers! All my drivers (one who delivers meals) are volunteers. They range in age from the very young (who deliver with their families) to near 100 years of age.

These wonderful people give from their hearts their time to deliver meals to our clients consistently throughout the year. They also develop caring relationships with some clients, at times being the only social contact these clients have. I have had the good fortune to deliver various routes, as well, putting faces to names of clients I speak with over the phone. I am also extremely rewarded by the heartfelt gratitude expressed by clients.

These are not the only volunteers I encounter. There are many other generous individuals that give of their time at the front desk, in the dining room and kitchen consistently. The Hub is a remarkable part of the Sheridan community that makes Sheridan such a great place to live.

Much appreciation and sincere thanks to all volunteers, employees and clients of The Hub, may you have a blessed 2020.

Elisabeth Starr Zanger