This time of year is usually prime season for some prime rib. The Sanders clan usually bundles up, takes the long arduous journey to Costco and buys a nice seasonal prime rib for Christmas dinner.

It didn’t always used to be that way, however.

Growing up, we were a Christmas ham kind of family. I didn’t really even know prime rib on Christmas was a thing until much later in life.

There is just something about smelling that honey glazed ham cooking away that sets the mood for me. Fact is, I love honey glazed ham. Can’t get enough of the stuff.

My wife however — not a fan.

I guess I should start on how we became a prime rib family. It’s a short journey really. Once I assimilated my wife’s side of the family into my own, their Christmas traditions followed. My first Christmas day spent with them was also followed by the cooking of the prime on the grill.

This is the time before I gained much of my mediocre cooking skills and I couldn’t wrap my head around how slapping a prime on a grill could work out. Won’t it come out charred and still raw in the middle? Did they precook it in the oven beforehand and are now charring for some reason?

Little did this culinary mastermind know, it was being cooked like any other prime in an oven, just outside on the grill.

Come to think of it, that could have been the moment I started my love affair with cooking whatever I possibly could on my grill. Thank you, in-laws!

Ever since that moment, it has been prime time for Christmas. Until a few days ago, at the store, when I said in passing we should get a ham this year because these look really good.

And I received an “OK, go for it.”

Don’t have to tell me twice.

Not only did we save a small college tuition buying a ham instead of a prime, I’m in for some deep-rooted nostalgia this Christmas.

What are some of your favorite holiday treats or meals? Do they bring back the same kind of memories to you that they do for me? If anything, consider making a dish from your childhood. It could take you back to the good times, or you could continue and old tradition with your family today.