Gratitude for care

Re: Recent hospital care

During the season of Thanksgiving, I would like time to express my thanks to all the wonderful dedicated and caring employees who cared for me during my extended hospital stay at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

From those who met me at the emergency entrance (I think they deserve an extra pat on the back) to Dr. Sara Smith, who performed the surgery that saved my life, and to all those in the intensive care unit, thank you.

Then, thanks to all those in the transitional care area, including all the nurses and all the others such as physical therapists and occupational therapists.

I couldn’t have made my recovery without you.

I would also like to thank my home care helpers. They made my homecoming so much easier and comforting with their support.

Thank you all.

Christine Skatula



Filling in with temps?

Re: City administrator position

Sheridan Police Chief Rich Adriaens was first appointed as interim city administrator in 2016. He became, effectively, both a civil servant and a representative of law enforcement. The two jobs have different retirement plans and benefits. The state retirement system denied, in 2016, the reality of this appointment and Adriaens resigned the position.

The city council has once again appointed Chief Adriaens interim city administrator. The operational city administrator Ordinance 2202 is interpreted to require a city administrator position be filled every second, every minute, every hour of every day, even if only by an interim administrator.

Apparently by Jan. 16, the city will hire a new interim administrator to replace Chief Adriaens. Not an administrator, but an interim administrator, a place holder, until the chosen one arrives.

The former city administrator has left the bridge of the ship and has rowed away into the horizon. This is exactly why you need a mayor, not a powerless cardboard cutout.

City council can continue to engage in countless cafeteria food fights, but this is what Ordinance 2202 has established. The YES! political action committee has convinced us that a $51 million budget requires a professional administrator, yet we’re going to fill in with temps?

Vicki Taylor


Violating the Constitution

Re: Balow, ALEC connection

“Jillian Balow was elected to a second term as Wyoming’s 22nd State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2018 and is constitutionally entrusted with supervision of Wyoming’s public education system.”

So opens Jillian Balow’s Wyoming Department of Education profile. It’s just two simple facts. The reverence implied for the Wyoming Constitution is especially interesting considering that Balow may very well be betraying the Wyoming Constitution before our eyes.

Recently, Balow sat on a panel on “school freedom” hosted by the American Legislative Exchange Council. There’s plenty of information on ALEC on the internet, so have at it. What you need to know here is that ALEC is feeding “cookie cutter” legislation and talking points to state legislators and officials all over the country, including in Wyoming. One of ALEC’s many sinister agendas is to privatize our public education system, in order to peel off a percentage of the funds that, in Wyoming, are constitutionally required to be applied to free, public education. That stolen money, of course, goes into the pockets of the rich, making them richer.

They use innocent-sounding labels like “school choice” and “school freedom” to make it sound like students will be getting a better deal, but it’s all lies. Vouchers, charters and other for-profit education schemes are simply a way to tap into yet another public resource to enrich investors at the public’s expense.

Wyoming’s public schools are some of the best in the country. Wyoming students graduate academically ready for college. Most states can’t say that. Let Jillian Balow know that you don’t appreciate her buddying up to companies that want to gut Wyoming’s great public schools. Let her know that she is violating her responsibilities under the Wyoming Constitution. Let her know you’re watching. Her email address is

David Myers