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Based on the stories about Sheridan County School District 1 Recreation District on Friday and Saturday, our local newspaper has learned the art of “Drive By” media quite well.

I see the words “several” and “community members” as having issues with the proposed Big Horn community center, while only three names were actually cited. I would hazard a guess that more than 90 percent of the residents of the Ranchester/Dayton area could not be less interested in Big Horn’s community center.

It was brought out that in December 2012 that “TRVCC begins receiving funding from the Sheridan County One-Cent Sales Tax.”
Is this a problem?

May I remind the editor that there are about 1,000 or so families in the Ranchester, Dayton and Tongue River Valley who benefit directly or indirectly from the community center that pay those taxes.

In fact, it was nice that the rec. board decided to use that money for programs for the folks, young and old, instead of using most of the allotted money for someone’s salary.

It was not made clear that the $12,500 per year was generously and voluntarily granted by the county commissioners when they realized the value of the asset of the TRVCC.

Ranchester, Dayton and the Tongue River Valley are all part of Sheridan County and we all pay taxes.

What is the paper’s obsession is with “taxes?”

The building was remodeled with a grant from the Wyoming Business Council via the State Loan and Investment Board.
Perhaps the paper could explain the program that provides monies for salvaging very useful old school buildings instead of demolishing them.

The paper could also be more clear as to the funding of the WBC.

As far as the land that the community center is sitting on being used for a football field — that made for a good laugh! I, for one, am thankful that the administration of SCSD1, at the time of transition to a new high school, had the foresight to think about the benefits a community center would bring to the TR Valley and thus allow the old building to be donated for that purpose. One of the benefits being the attraction of families to the area with children for the school system.

It is a little difficult to take you seriously on transparency, right-to-know and keeping citizens informed. In my 2 1/2 years on the town council, I have seen a representative of the Press attending our meetings twice.

I am the son of a person who worked for a big city, large newspaper and faithfully read the paper every day, and I’ve continued doing so for more than 50 years.

I am forever the optimist, thinking I will not have to put up with such biased, incomplete and erroneous information.

Dennis Wagner

By |Mar. 29, 2013|

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