Don’t close Brooks Street hill

Re: Try another option, first

The idea of closing Brooks Street hill permanently might sound appealing, but it is overkill. A very clear and easy solution has not yet been tried — pedestrian light signals. The difficulty with the intersection of Brooks and West Burkitt streets is that a car on Brooks heading south usually has to wait at Burkitt quite awhile before being able to cross the street.

Just as they do so, often a pedestrian will cross at the last minute, because they always have the right of way. On Main Street, pedestrians have to wait until their pedestrian light clears them to cross. That is the way it should be here. That takes out the element of surprise from this intersection, which is all that is needed to make it vastly safer.

Having Brooks Street hill closed is a pain for those of us that live on the south side of town and makes no sense until this other option is tried.

Mark Carroll


Don’t look behind the curtain

Re: Website ranking Republican legislators

I read your front page article on Thursday, Nov. 14, “Anonymous website attempts to rank Republican lawmakers,” and couldn’t help but see the hypocritical irony of the statements made. One person called the website “propaganda” and noted that “when people do that, they are actually tearing the party apart, breaking down its foundation and actually causing a bigger rift than there needs to be.”

The individual then says she would have “serious concerns” about any of the lawmakers that got 80-100%.

Apparently it is A-OK to disparage lawmakers who did score well on this limited metric, but it’s terrible for anyone else to point out lawmakers who did not represent the Republican Party platform on these 10 particular bills. Got it; don’t look behind that curtain!

I’m please to see that my state senator, Sen. Bo Biteman, and state representative, Rep. Cyrus Western, both voted consistently with the Republican Party platform. I certainly do not share the “serious concerns” about my state legislators. I had never heard of the website until I read this article. The website listed five of six Sheridan legislators  as scoring 70% or better on these 10 bills. As a Republican, I think that’s great news!

Thank you Sen. Biteman, Rep. Jennings, Rep. Western, Rep. Tass and Sen. Kinskey.

The article quoted the lone low scoring (30%) Sheridan legislator and his defender extensively. In the article there were 16 sentences for the ‘splainers, five sentences about the website and one sentence simply listing the high scorers.

The article had nothing else, much less anything positive to say about the five high scorers.

Perhaps if more people who campaign as Republicans would actually vote like Republicans once they get into office, we wouldn’t have to suffer the hypocrisy, excuses and condescending attitudes of “you don’t understand how things work in the Legislature” from Republican legislators who consistently vote against their own party platform.

Richard Bratten


Time to determine Kendrick pool’s future 

Re: Project choices

It is time for Sheridan to decide the future of the Kendrick Park pool.

The project assessment survey proposes four choices ranging from basic physical improvements to multiple forms of amusement equipment. These proposed enhancements seem to duplicate what the YMCA $22 million aquatic center will soon provide.

The uniqueness and beauty of the present pool have been enjoyed for decades — where else in the world can one view bison running down the hill while swimming? Kendrick has a diving board and a fantastic closed flume slide that thrills adults as well as kids. The baby pool has plenty of fun features that occupy the little ones. But, an important part of this pool is kids make their own fun — they don’t always need external stimulation.

The brochures for the changes maintain that the most crucial element is fun, but taxpaying adults realize the financial aspect as well.

I vote to keep our pool as the special gem it is, with necessary improvements. The entire community should be allowed to vote on the decision regarding Kendrick Park pool. Please attend the public meeting at The Hub on Smith at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 5.

Patty Martin