This holiday season, get creative and give the gift of experience

Physical presents may be fun to unwrap, but studies show that people feel happier when they spend their money and time on an adventure.

Enter: Press Pass

The ultimate experience gift, Press Pass will keep giving all year long. In addition to a premium subscription to The Sheridan Press, members enjoy 12 months of special experiences and offers throughout Sheridan County, including music, coffee, all-day happy hours, theater, plants, special dishes “compliments of the chef,” fly fishing, books, boutiques — and we could go on. Offers change monthly — check out this month’s, for example.

Press Pass provides a deep connection to the community, keeping you updated on the latest news and giving you an extra reason to spend time in local cafes, restaurants, shops, art gallery, theater, bookstore, cooking school and beyond.

So, give a Sheridanite you love a Press Pass membership.

Explore the membership options for existing Sheridan Press subscribers and new subscribers. Then, to set up a Press Pass as a gift that will can be opened Christmas Day — complete with a personalized card! — email