I love bazaars.

Since adolescence, bazaars have been an indication that fall was fully in session and winter magic was on its way. Growing up in a Methodist church, doing dishes during the bazaar has been my sole job.

Now living in Sheridan, I can enjoy bazaars from the front end. And boy, do we have our pick.

My first year living in Sheridan, my coworker and I suited up with hot coffee, cash — which I never carried — and reusable bags in which to carry our treasured items we found on the bazaar circuit.

Popping from a church to the Sheridan County Fairgrounds back to a church, we found special gifts for friends and family for the upcoming Christmas celebration. I fondly remember my first bazaar season each year during Christmas decorating, as a homemade patchwork quilt stocking hangs on a faux fireplace and a bottle with sand and a gem hang on the freshly cut tree from the Bighorn National Forest — another tradition I’ve learned to absolutely adore in Sheridan.

Year two led my roommate and I on a similar path, weaving in and out of Sheridan, Big Horn, Ranchester and Dayton as we attempted to catch every cookie party and raffle drawing in the county, again hot coffee in hand and a bag slung around our shoulders.

This year, though, weekend activities and trips south to visit family and cheer on the Cowboys — or the Colorado Rams, sorry all — have deterred me from the busiest bazaar weekend in Sheridan County. But, hopefully this year we can make it back for the second half of the day and support our local churches, charities, clubs and nonprofits with a simple purchase of yummy homemade chili — with cinnamon rolls, of course.

I encourage those who haven’t experienced a bazaar weekend to check in with The Sheridan Press’ My Bighorns app to see the bazaars the county has to offer this weekend. I used to cut the clipping out of the newspaper — still a valid way to hit them all — but with the app, whatever map service you use on your smartphone will easily direct you to a desired location.

You can also save the event to your phone and create reminders, text the event to that person you’re planning on inviting along and take a peek at what to look forward to in the notes section of the event.

So, pick up your phone — or newspaper — and hit the bazaar trail this weekend.


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