SHERIDAN — Once the final whistle blows Saturday, football teams across the state of Wyoming that have faced the Sheridan High School football team each year will no longer have a member of the Sessions family playing against them of Friday nights.

Don Julian, SHS athletic director and former head coach of the football team, said during his career he had opposing coaches ask if there was another Sessions playing next year. For the past 10 years, his answer has always been yes.

Julian took over the Sheridan football program in 2007, and his first interaction with the Sessions siblings came through the oldest child of Kevin and Carla Sessions, Samantha. The only daughter of the Sessions family, Samantha was a team manager for the Broncs.

Following Samantha was her four brothers —Wes, Daniel, Aaron and Ryan — and their cousin Riley Sessions.

While all five players shared the last name, each one brought a unique impact to the football team. Wes — class of 2011— played on the offensive line. Daniel — class of 2014— was a running back. Aaron — class of 2017 — played wide receiver, and Ryan, currently a senior, is a tight end for the Broncs.

So far each brother was named to the All-State team in their senior season of football. Riley was also named to the 2015 All-State team his senior year.

“My brothers have been a big part of the program and they taught me a lot about what it means to be a Bronc,” Ryan Sessions said.

Ryan Sessions said with him being the last Sessions to play on Saturday, it adds to the purpose of his game.

Ryan Sessions was sidelined with an injury most of last season and was not able to play in the state title game. He missed a few games this year but has returned to the starting lineup and is excited to play in the title game Saturday.

“It was tough last year to watch them play Natrona,” Sessions said. “As I go on with these practices I am really grateful to get this opportunity to play and play in Laramie, and I will not take it for granted.”

Julian said the Sessions family probably has a good understanding of the Broncs’ offense with all of the siblings playing almost every position except quarterback.

One consistent factor for the Broncs is their defense skill. Mowry said each player of the Sessions family is a tremendous athlete, but what was even more important is each member of the family is a great person.

“No matter if you are good at football or not that is not important in the end,” Mowry said. “What is important is how you treat people and how you handle yourself as an individual.”

Mowry and Julian saw the Sessions family make a big difference on the field, contributing to five state titles for the Broncs, but it is the impact off the field that lasted.

When Julian and Mowry took over the program in 2007, team dinners every Thursday night were implemented to help Sheridan build team chemistry. This requires a lot of support and organization from parents. Carla Sessions has consistently been contributing to team dinners for the Broncs.

Mowry said he knows the cinnamon rolls Carla Sessions makes for the team will be missed by the players.

Kevin and Carla Sessions have contributed to the football program in many ways. Kevin Sessions has helped print out programs at times, while Carla Sessions can be seen on the sidelines every Friday night taking photos of the action.

Mowry and Julian do not expect the Sessions family support to stop after this season. The coaches said they, like many other families in Sheridan, will continue to support the football and greater community.

Julian said the Sessions have not been the only family to have multiple sons wear the blue and gold. They are one of the many families that helps Sheridan be one of the top programs in the state and allows for the success on the field because of the support off the field.