The last thing anyone really wants to read about, or hear about, is burgers. This last summer was burger overload for me, personally. It seemed like it was an every other day food. Made them on the deck, ate them at festivals, restaurants and friends houses. Really I can’t think of an event this summer that wasn’t tarnished with the thought of burgers somehow.

The Press recently launched a cool deal this week rounding up all the hearty soup specials around Sheridan County. It will be a weekly special letting you know how and where to grab some tasty soup to help pass the cold winter days.

I think this is a great idea for two reasons. First off, I’m not a huge soup fan so that means I don’t have to fake it with you all and write about some soup I found uninspiring. Secondly, I can write about burger patty alternatives in the middle of November. Lucky us!

Back to the meat of this column, meatless patties.

It all started off for me trying the Impossible Burger. I, like most Americans, got caught up in the hype and needed to try this “revolutionary burger.”

I pulled up to Burger King’s drive thru not really expecting them to have any, considering how hard they had been hitting the advertising. Surely they would be out. Nope, they had at least two more and I was on my way to trying this meatless burger.

After giving the second burger to my wife, I dove in expecting to be blown away.

The truth is, I wasn’t. While it had close to the same texture and feel as a meat patty, I don’t think the way they cook it helped it any. I have a feeling the Impossible Burger would be better served pan fried than over an open flame.

With real meat, you get a nice char taste and nose when you bite in after flame grilling. Not with this. It was more of a burnt toast kind of hit — it really took away from the whole thing.

That, coupled with the fact it saved no calories or anything else, other than the fact you kept a small little piece of a cow out of your system, just not worth it in my opinion.

This brings me to option No. 2 I tried just the other day: chipotle black bean burgers.

We originally bought these for my son Bruce because he is a bean aficionado. Anything bean related he is all about, there is nothing better in life than beans. After chowing down on four Costco samples, we decided he loved them and grabbed a box.

We promptly forgot about them for a month in our deep freeze until I was digging around for some late summer burger patties to fire up one last time. I thought, what the heck, and gave them a shot.

Life changing.

If you don’t go in expecting it to taste anything like a burger, it will blow you away in flavor. You still get that classic feel and ritual of a normal burger, but with chipotle flair. I personally had zero expectations going in, and that may have led to my eye-opening experience.

I think the real lesson learned here is to not try and replicate a beef patty with vegetables unless you have unequivocally copied it. Having the expectations of beef and being let down are much worse than having no expectations and being pleased. Give black bean burgers a try if you are tired of the same old, same old and want a little hint of the summer months back in the drab of winter.