Rumblings among community members have brought sides against each other in a battle for who can scream YES or NO the loudest, through yard signs, letters to the editors or harsh outcries on Facebook comment threads. Beyond discussions on whether to vote yes or no in today’s election, residents within Sheridan’s city limits should, at the very least, go to the polls and vote before 7 p.m.

Even beyond that, though, educate yourself before you vote.

The Press published a special election guide to help voters understand the basics about this special election.

For those unaware of the vote completely, the city of Sheridan is hosting a special election to determine whether to put into effect Ordinance 2202, which could result in reverting back to Ordinance 2158 that initially established the city administrator position.

The administrator position has a long history, which is covered in the guide. The Press has also followed the issue since its inception through periodic stories published since 2008, many of which you can find at by searching for  “city administrator” in the search bar at the top right. One recently that I discovered through comments on a Facebook thread was one where I interviewed Mayor Roger Miller and City Administrator Mark Collins early into the two being elected and hired into their current positions, respectively.

Since then, it’s obvious that time has changed the perceptions of the two positions from the perspectives of leadership, city staffers and registered voters.

To vote informed, start by researching literature from trusted sources — the city of Sheridan and local media to name a couple. Although you’ll receive drastically opposing views, ask a few people from opposing sides to share why they believe one should vote for or against Ordinance 2202. I’ve found the more people I ask, the more confident I become in my personal stance on the issue. But, those opinions should be considered with skepticism, as one should rely first on facts.

Put in the work. Be an active citizen of your city. Research the subject and look with a critical eye at the content presented for both sides.

You have until 7 p.m. Go vote.