Thanks to trail lovers

Re: Help when needed

Fellow trail lovers, even though we do our best to thank you through social media posts, texts and emails, I always feel like it falls short in conveying just how much what you do actually means to me. Many of you know that getting from a “to-do” item to a complete and functioning thing is, more times than not, a monumental task.

Boardwalks, ramps, bridges, armoring with gravel and stone, fencing, turnstiles, rollovers… we just can’t go buy these things downtown. So, I wanted to say, straight up, that having people like you — people who I can turn to for help — means more than I can put into words. I know that if it wasn’t for your support, what we’re trying to create here in Sheridan County could not be accomplished… nor would it turn out as nice.

So for that, thank you for giving so much to me, for watching out for your trails, for caring so much about your trails. And for being there when I need you. You know who you are. For you, I am always grateful.


Tami Sorenson

Sheridan Community Land Trust