As a catalyst for business prosperity and a champion for a stronger community, the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce demonstrates leadership by being an advocate for business and has served in this role well over 100 years.

On Tuesday, the city of Sheridan will hold a special election regarding Charter Ordinance 2202, City of Sheridan City Administrator. This ordinance was passed to further define the role of Sheridan’s city administrator, which was established with Charter Ordinance 2158.

If Charter Ordinance 2202 is affirmed, it will retain the definitions established in terms of the role of the city administrator. If Charter Ordinance 2202 is repealed, Charter Ordinance 2158 will go back into effect. Ordinance 2158 originally established the city administrator position, and the city would continue with the same form of government. City council would then have the option to put Ordinance 2158 up for public vote or determine that the city would keep the city administrator position.

If Charter Ordinance 2202 is affirmed, the mayor will continue to serve as chief executive and will exercise superintending control over the administration and affairs of the city. The mayor will continue to be responsible for the city administrator’s performance reviews and overseeing the administrator. Sheridan City Council would still have the responsibility of hiring and terminating the city administrator based on recommendation of the mayor.

As such, the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce and its board of directors believe that our business community is best served by retaining a professional city administrator to handle the daily operations of the city. We are in favor of the mayor-council form of government, which represents the interest of our citizens and believe strongly that effective administration of the city’s operations does not conflict with the role of our elected leaders.

The Chamber believes a complex organization needs professional management. The city has an annual budget approaching $50 million, and it employs approximately 200 people. It is imperative that a qualified person with the necessary experience and education provide the day-to-day management. This ultimately allows elected officials to focus on the big picture. We also believe having a city administrator provides continuity and stability, which in turn keeps city business running smoothly through leadership changes. This ensures health and stability for city operations and our community even during periods of transition.

Finally, the Chamber of Commerce believes having a city administrator is good for business. With the recent business relocations in our manufacturing industry, as well as the expansion of several area businesses, Sheridan is strengthening its economic diversity and stability. Much of this growth, which leads to good, steady jobs for the entire community, can be attributed to the effective administration of the city over the past three or so years, the time during which a city administrator has been employed at the city of Sheridan.

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, I encourage Sheridan citizens to vote “Yes” this coming Tuesday in support of Charter Ordinance 2202, City of Sheridan City Administrator.

Dixie Johnson is CEO of Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.