Administrator important for city

Re: Special election, Nov. 5

What’s important in this issue is what is the best thing for Sheridan right now. The benefits of having a city administrator are considerable.

Let’s move our city into the 21st century and put an end to deceptive politics and wasting our tax money.

Vote YES for 2202!


Mike Hughes



Passing the buck

Re: City doesn’t need administrator

Why does the city of Sheridan need a city administrator? Some say continuity. Some say we need the ability to write grants? Some, it adds professionalism and knowledge. I strongly disagree with all of these.

The United States is flooded with unelected bureaucrats. In recent years, their power is unprecedented. The city administrator, after the voters rejected it, was brought in with the idea of the mayor having an assistant. This evolved to a point where certain council members felt that the mayoral candidates were not qualified to handle the supervisory role and thus the city administrator came under the control of the city council, eliminating the need for a mayor.

The idea of a professional grant writer is asinine. Especially coming from a conservative, relatively wealthy community and acknowledging the fact that a significant portion of those grant dollars are coming from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Brazil to name a few, in the form of federal debt. I realize that there is a place for federal and state grant assistance, but this isn’t the basis for an unelected, untouchable bureaucrat. Running the city isn’t rocket science. We have smart people here in Sheridan and city department heads who know what they are doing. The human element, mistakes and all, are very important to overall integrity and accountability.

Sheridan is unique and has been very successful under the mayoral system. Raise the mayor salary up to a point where a living can be made, and there will be plenty of qualified former businessmen and women willing to run this wonderfully unique city. If you haven’t noticed, economically, our country has done pretty well the last couple of years without Congress. It’s not a coincidence that, in most cases, the less government does, the better off we all are. Sheridan is one of the nicest, most unique and successful cities in Wyoming. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Vote “No” on the city administrator. The idea of a city administrator is intellectually lazy and “passing the buck.”


Gregory M. Marshall



Realtors support city administrator position

Re: City’s special election

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, the residents of Sheridan will have the opportunity to vote on the continuance of City Ordinance 2202, which clarified the roles of the city administrator and the mayor. Whichever way the vote goes, however, the position of city administrator will continue.

We hear frequently from our residential, ranch and commercial clients how pleased they are with the direction of Sheridan’s stable government, financial strength and vision for the future. We believe this is a favorable response to the strong mayor/city administrator form of government that we currently have in place.

We urge all citizens of Sheridan to consider voting “Yes” on the continuance of Ordinance 2202.


Bruce Garber — owner, Century 21 BHJ Realty

Tom Belus, Dixie See, Jane Clark — owners, ERA Carroll Realty

Zack Cummins — owner, Concept Z — Home & Property

Mary and Doug Valdez — owners, Summit Realty