City administrator widens net for mayoral candidates

Re: Special election, Nov. 5

We are in support of Charter Ordinance 2202, the city of Sheridan ordinance that provides for a city administrator. An important reason for a city administrator is that it greatly increases the number of potential candidates for mayor.

Under the present system, it is very difficult to be mayor in Sheridan. If elected, it means that one must quit his/her present job for a new job (that of mayor) that may last only four years and almost always no more than eight years. Most qualified candidates are unwilling to take on that risk (particularly if they have a family), unless they have an alternative source of income, such as retirement. With a city administrator form of government, a person can serve in the role of mayor yet retain his/her current employment, setting direction and providing leadership for the community while leaving the daily minutiae of running the government to the administrator.

For instance, the current and previous four mayors of Gillette (which has a mayor/council form of government with a city administrator) all ran for the position while employed elsewhere and maintained their private sector employment during their tenure. Even then-Gillette Mayor Mike Enzi continued on owning several retail businesses (including a shoe store) while serving.


Dave and Catherine Engels



Thankful for caring individuals

Re: Recent care from professionals

I am compelled to write this letter to welcome two new members to our community, Dr. Michael Walker and his wife, Lisa, of Wyoming Eye Surgeons. Dr. Walker’s professionalism has impressed me.

Following my wife’s cataract surgery, there were some minor complications. Two days after his own back surgery, Dr. Walker’s wife drove him to town for a Sunday morning follow-up exam. Yes, Sunday morning.

Joining him in post-surgery care were Dr. Sam Hoffman and Dr. Tim Fehlauer of Sheridan Eye Care, who were also willing to see her after hours, even on a Sunday. We are blessed to have these individuals caring for us.

In addition, I would be remiss not to mention two long-standing members of our community. Dr. Blair Gustafson, veterinarian, can often be found at his country hospital for animals on Sundays providing full-time care for our pets in his charge. John Araas, lawyer, has made three house calls on my 92-year-old mother, who is wheelchair bound, to assure her that her estate papers are in order and updated. Yes, a lawyer who makes house calls (a habit he acquired from his father).

We all should be thankful to live in a place surrounded by caring individuals like these, and many more unmentioned, in all walks of life. Please write to The Sheridan Press to acknowledge more like these.


Jerry Edwards