SHERIDAN — Roadwork project season will end Oct. 31 and the Wyoming Department of Transportation District Four is finishing as many projects as possible before preparing for winter maintenance, public involvement specialist Laura Dalles said.

“We’re just kind of hustling to get projects to a point where we can either call them completed or have them winter-ready so that work can be completed in the spring,” Dalles said.

WYDOT held a bus tour of Sheridan-area transportation projects for the Wyoming Transportation Commission Wednesday. Dalles presented summaries of all Sheridan-area projects — completed, in progress and planned — to the commission throughout the tour, to expose commissioners to projects they may have only seen on paper, she said.

The tour allowed commissioners to understand the impact of transportation projects and see them as they come to fruition, she said.

WYDOT District Five held a bus tour of their district projects earlier in the year, which commissioners appreciated because it gave them some idea of what approved projects look like and where they are, she said.

The tour included a visit through the North Sheridan Interchange project, which is approaching completion. The project was one of the largest undertakings in the state at $56.4 million.

Some commissioners don’t have a background in roadwork or engineering, so the tour is a way to educate them about specific projects and operations, Dalles said.

Projects that are scheduled to wrap up this season include U.S. Highway 14 from Ranchester to Dayton, the White Cross Slide and Observation Slide.

Projects scheduled to begin or complete in 2020 include Interstate 90 Prairie Dog Creek section from milepost 33 to 45, Whitetail Creek bridge, U.S. Highway 16 between milepost 52 and 63 and phase two of the Garner Lake Road project.