For anyone who attended Saturday’s movie night at Luminous Brewhouse, thank you for your patience and diligence sticking with us during two rescheduled dates and a location change. We’re so grateful for the great turnout and enthusiastic attendees.

Pressers walked into an already-set up mini theater — thanks a million Cooley and the crew — and had to add just a few chairs.

It flowed as smoothly as an open house, and it felt like one, too. People gathered, in some killer costumes, for family-friendly community fun. Cheesecake Squared provided some much appreciated taste testers complete with an activity of choosing the best flavors — word was Luminous Black Mountain cheesecake was the hit of the crowd — that involved the community in his next sweet endeavor.

Fellow reporters dressed up and made connections, the Boy Scout Troop 117 not only provided popcorn for the bustling crowd, but the leaders stayed afterward to help The Press crew clean up and make Luminous look like itself again. Without a second thought, the men jumped in to help, a true sign of the great work ethic of the next generation based on the models being presented within Troop 117.

In a movie that had maybe never been cheered at before, crowds roared during turning points of the plot bringing resolution to the storyline, engaging everyone in the action of an ‘80s classic.

—The best part, though, was the continual greetings among friends and camaraderie of the community. Sometimes, it takes a free, family-friendly movie to bring multiple generations together under one roof. Popcorn, cheesecake and fun drinks for all ages certainly fill in for a great atmosphere, but it’s truly the people of this community that make it such a beautiful place to live.

For new members of the community, it’s sometimes difficult to feel known or involved. I’ve been one of those newcomers and have had several conversations with new reporters coming into the community without a family member in a 1,000-mile radius. It can be isolating, for sure.

In a state where suicide numbers soar above the rest and winters are long and cold, Sheridan’s people work hard to facilitate events that help people meet other people of similar interests. Each week we print a calendar of events. It’s always amazing to see the variety, high caliber and multitude of activities. For a county population of around 30,000, it’s incredible to see every agency, business and group working hard to ensure every type of person feels included and known.

Walking into Luminous, I felt it. That familiar feeling I thought I’d only be able to feel when returning to my hometown of 1,200, I felt during The Press movie night. That feeling of people knowing who I was and people I know extending a warm hand or hug to a stranger and introducing him or her to another group of friends, furthering connections.

To all those who warmly welcomed people into our movie night and cheered along with Marty McFly as he returned to the future, thank you. You are what makes Sheridan the warm, welcoming community that it is.