Summer has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Seems like just yesterday that the madness of rodeo and the fireworks of Independence Day were ringing out.

Looking ahead in the weather forecast, the experts are saying there is a chance of snow Monday. That’s snow before October. How long is summer again in Sheridan? Three weeks? Sure seems like it some years.

I can remember trying to find Easter eggs in 6-foot-high snow drifts up in Story when I was a kid. So a little snow is nothing to be surprised about.

Looking past all those important things like winter tires, making sure your hoses aren’t connected to your house and making sure your furnace fires up — how’s your kitchen situation looking?

Here are some tips to help transition yourself from hot dogs and hamburgers to stews and squash.


Make room for fall bounty

Clear out any old remnants of summer still lurking in your freezer and pantry and make way for fall vegetables. I personally get excited for the various squashes that start popping up in the grocery stores. If you are lucky enough you have an avid gardening friend that went overboard and you are now the lucky recipient of a box of fall vegetables. Don’t let summer get in the way of that.


Dust off soup pots

If your kitchen is like mine, casserole dishes and soup pots are in the darkest, hard to reach corner of my kitchen. Now is a good time to push those toward the front to make life easier when you are craving some hearty chicken noodle soup.


Don’t forget drinks

Hot chocolate and snow days go hand-in-hand. One of the biggest tragedies a kid can face is coming inside after making an epic snowman only to find out you are out of hot chocolate. So stock up, it’s cheap and yummy. And yeah, grab some mini marshmallows too!


Keep your head up

It is only a short 9 months until you can start expecting warm weather again. Just think of all the heart warming meals you make until then! If it is too much to bear, become part polar bear like me and look forward to seeing the first few flakes fly!