SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority appointed an ad hoc committee Tuesday to work with Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation on its plans to build a new facility along Goose Creek.

The committee — which will consist of Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller and at-large board member Erin Kilbride — will work with Joey’s and SEEDA staff to revise a draft business plan the foundation has submitted to SEEDA and help its members prepare to present that plan to the entire SEEDA board, SEEDA Administrator Robert Briggs said.

Joey’s hopes to build a new science facility on two adjacent parcels of land — totaling roughly two acres — along a section of Goose Creek near Sheridan’s North Main Street Interchange. One of those parcels belongs to SEEDA and the other belongs to the city of Sheridan.

Because SEEDA’s mission is to foster economic development, the board has to evaluate Joey’s business plan for its new facility to determine how its expanded services would contribute to economic and community development efforts before it can allow Joey’s to use the land.

Joey’s submitted a draft of that business plan to SEEDA staff before Tuesday’s meeting, though board members said they had not read it. Briggs indicated the plan would need to be fleshed out further and suggested appointing an ad hoc committee.


Other business: 

• The SEEDA board authorized staff to seek an additional $1.3 million from the Wyoming Business Council for the construction of a manufacturing facility in the Sheridan Hi-Tech Business Park, which it intends to lease to Vacutech to facilitate the company’s growth. Briggs said SEEDA will pursue funding through grants as a first resort but will also take on loans from the WBC if there is not sufficient grant funding available.

The WBC previously awarded a nearly $3 million grant and a $1.225 million loan to SEEDA for the Vacutech expansion project. Since then, SEEDA received design bids for the project that exceeded the anticipated budget.

• The board voted to designate Briggs as SEEDA’s public records official. Briggs said City Clerk Cecilia Good had been in charge of SEEDA’s public records, and while Good is very familiar with managing records requests, she is not as familiar with SEEDA’s specific records. The board decided Briggs would be able to fill requests related to SEEDA’s actions more completely because of his familiarity with its operations.

• The board also approved modifications to the Weatherby manufacturing facility. Briggs said the company asked to reinforce its manufacturing floors to allow it to install new and heavier equipment in the facility; he added that the new equipment represents an expansion of Weatherby’s operations.

• The board approved schematic designs for a manufacturing facility SEEDA intends to build in the Hi-Tech Business Park to accommodate Kennon Products’ expansion.