SHERIDAN — Arvada-Clearmont High School took on Kaycee High School in a 1A conference match Friday.

The Lady Panthers lost in three sets — 25-15, 25-20, 25-11— due to inconsistent play, said head coach Sarah Walker.

In the second set, the Lady Panthers competed with Kaycee early but fell behind midway through the set. The Lady Panthers tried to rally but had too big of a deficit to overcome.

Walker said the team is stuck in between old habits and new techniques, leaving the girls in no man’s land.

After the next game on Saturday, the Lady Panthers have seen everyone in the conference.

Walker said she has to remind herself that it is still early in the season — there is still time to to develop her players. Some players took a step forward against Kaycee, while others appeared to take a step back, Walker said.

The Lady Panthers need to remain positive, she added, losing is never easy but if the Lady Panthers can find their stride by season’s end, they could make a run during the postseason.