SHERIDAN — Sheridan County school districts and Sheridan College released enrollment numbers for the fall 2019 semester last week.

The numbers are considered official now that schools have reached the 10th day of classes, when students who have not attended are dropped from the rosters.

Sheridan County School District 1 has reported that the district has a total of 1,131 students, an increase of 113 students compared to last fall. District officials said Big Horn Elementary School has 229 total students, Big Horn Middle School has 229 and Big Horn High School has 133. Slack Elementary school has eight students.

Tongue River Elementary School has 238 students, Tongue River Middle School has 134, and Tongue River High School has 160.

Sheridan County School District 2 reported a districtwide increase of 82 students from last year, recovering from the slight decrease in enrollment reported last fall. Sheridan High School has 967 students and Sheridan Junior High School has 391.

Henry A. Coffeen Elementary is down 43 students and Meadowlark Elementary is up 20 after the boundary changes approved in June.

Coffeen now has 319 and Meadowlark has 356 students.

Highland Park Elementary School has 314 students, while Sagebrush Elementary School has 343 and Woodland Park Elementary School has 316.

Story Elementary School now has 34 students. John C. Schiffer Collaborative School has 59 students and The Wright Place Middle School has 16.

SCSD2 Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Human Resources Scott Stults said that first grade at Woodland Park is the only grade currently in overflow territory, which means students could be moved to another school. But, he said, the overflow number is small and they want to keep the students where they are.

Sheridan County School District 3 saw another small decrease in enrollment this fall.

Last year the district reported 93 students.

This year, the total students enrolled sits at 89 with six at Arvada Elementary School, 33 at Clearmont Elementary School and 50 students at Arvada-Clearmont Junior/Senior High School.

Sheridan College also announced its total enrollment of 1,409, a decrease of 27 students from fall 2018. Gillette College has a total enrollment of 1,276. The two schools together make an enrollment of 2,685 for the Northern Wyoming Community College District, an increase of 7.7% from last year.

“I am extremely proud to see growth in our district,” NWCCD President Walter Tribley said in a press release. “This represents the commitment and hard work of our faculty, staff and students.”