SHERIDAN — Dustin Shorma, Wyoming Game and Fish game warden, said residents left attractions out with their trash and a black bear came into Dayton on Monday. A sign was posted at Scott Bicentennial Park banning people because of black bear trapping activity.

WGFD set a trap to try to capture the bear Monday night and added a second trap Tuesday night. Shorma said they are trying to minimize interactions and conflict and remove the bear from in town while trying to ensure they catch the correct bear.

If the bear isn’t captured by Friday morning, they will remove the traps. Despite a minor fruit tree incident Wednesday night, Shorma said a gap in activity indicates the bear has likely moved out of town on his own. Shorma said residents should always assume there is a bear around town with the close proximity to the Tongue River wildlife corridor. Leaving trash out the night before pickup can attract bears, he said.