SHERIDAN — The Bighorn National Forest has approved the development of the Red Grade Trail System in partnership with Sheridan County and the Sheridan Community Land Trust.

Bighorn National Forest Supervisor Andrew Johnson decided to implement the proposed action based upon his review of the Red Grade Trail Project Environmental Assessment. The Red Grade Trails Project authorizes the issuance of a special use permit for about 15 trail miles and approximately 1.3 acres of parking areas by Sheridan County. Sheridan County submitted the application in partnership with Sheridan Community Land Trust in 2017.

The USFS analyzed the proposal and completed the two year process this summer. The decision to implement the proposed action was objected, and an objection process was completed in August. After review, Deputy Regional Forester Tammy Whittington upheld the Bighorn National Forest’s decision.

The special use permit is being processed by the Bighorn National Forest, which will allow the construction and maintenance of the trails and parking areas. For further information, please contact Tongue District Ranger Amy Ormseth at 307-674-2600.