Proud Bronc family

Re: Student athletes’ character

This past Saturday night, I witnessed something that was a great representation to our parents and coaches. Obviously, Friday nights are known for football games and the after party. Well I was sitting in the south end McDonald’s as what seemed to be most of the high school students began to show up and take over the place.

I am 48 and just began to watch the interaction of all these young people ranging from freshmen to seniors. Just let me say, I was amazed at these great young people. First of all, I heard no profanity of any sorts. Secondly, I watched as leaders of the football team (Ryan Sessions) brought others their food and served them. This is not typical with most young people.

The best sight was at the end of the night as the youth made their way out. The placed had been packed, meaning chairs had been moved and youth everywhere. Standing room only at times. As the crowd dissipated, Jacob Boint quietly began putting the restaurant back to its original formation. The other football players followed suit. Not a table was left uncleaned or a chair out of place.

It’s one thing to say we have great student athletes in Sheridan, but it’s even better to say we have great student leaders and young people at SHS. Made me proud to be a Bronc. Thank you teachers, parents and coaches for helping these young people be the best. #broncforlife


David Lee