SHERIDAN — Sheridan College volleyball is back and ready for another season with seven sophomores returning from a team that finished 13-15 last season. They are joined by eight freshmen.

The Lady Generals are under new coaching staff with head coach Casey Quiggle taking over at the beginning of July.

Quiggle said he looks to build winning culture by recruiting good athletes and helping them develop their volleyball talent and leadership skill that will help them throughout life.

After one scrimmage during the preseason, Quiggle said the Lady Generals have the talent to be a good team, they just need to work on maintaining their energy and building a competitive edge.

To help maintain energy the Lady Generals came up with new cheers for games.

Quiggle also told the Lady Generals that sometimes you have to fake it.  He challenged the team to have strong energy and confidence whenever they played, even if they were not feeling confident or energized. The act of being confident or energized during competition will became habitual for the Lady Generals, making it easier to have energy when ever it is needed.

The Lady Generals want to make it past the first round of the conference tournament this year.

To reach that goal, Quiggle knows the team will need to develop a stronger competitive edge in practices.

Quiggle said he does not want to change the personalities of the players. His hope is to help them realize they needed to push each other in practice and sometimes that means you beat out the person ahead of you for a starting spot.

It is making sure the players are helping each other become the best athlete they can.

The Lady Generals start with two tournaments on the road before opening up with their first home match of the year at the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome 7 p.m. Sept. 5.